AS21351 Network Info

Peering Policy and Contact

All our information for contact is available on peeringdb. We have a selective peering policy, in the sense that we will peer only when there is a benefit for our customers, from a quality point of view. We will usually not peer with networks when almost no trafic is exchanged. We normally peer with route servers on public exchanges where we are present.

Prefixes Sourced by AS 21351

The two lists below are prefixes that will be sourced by AS21351. Note that depending on the location or peering relationship, some prefixes might not be advertised, or might be fragmented. Transit customers prefixes advertised by AS21351 are not displayed here.

Looking Glass

AS21351 Looking-Glass

Prefixes Geolocation according to draft-google-self-published-geofeeds-02

Latest location file